VOIP for Business Service Launched by 8el

Voce and data service provider 8el has announced the nationwide commercial launch of Callport, a service it claims is a business-grade VoIP offering designed to give UK companies the flexibility of VoIP, but with the reliability and quality of traditional phone services. 8el say that with Callport, users can outsource the management of their voice services, but still retain control over how those services are configured, with the added benefits of free and local calls and being able to predict telephony expenditure.

The company claims that unlike other IP Centrex systems available, Callport uses NGN (next generation networking) IP technology, which means that the service can be fully managed by 8el from end-to-end, with in-built resilience in case of any faults, so customers can hand over total responsibility for the service to 8el. Callport can also run alongside existing PBXs and keyphone systems, so companies do not need to make a complete leap to VoIP overnight.

Benefits include significant cost savings with free local, national and inter-site calls and the ability to support true hot-desking and virtual working environments. The service is marketed to corporates with 50-1500 users, although it can be scaled down to suit much smaller companies, or scaled up for very large organisations. Customers could be multi-site organisations, or ones that have employees who are not tied to one location and perhaps even work from home

Says Managing Director Justin Hamilton-Martin, “While there are many VoIP offerings out there, no one is doing this in the same way as 8el: we are the only service of this kind, with the level of functionality and resilience that we are able to provide. It is suited to any company that wants to maintain control over their communications, while experiencing the benefits of VoIP, but without having to employ dedicated staff or make large investments in equipment.”

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