VoIP Solutions offers Incubation Model to ISPs

Incubated VoIP platform allows ISPs to rapidly deploy BroadWorks-based advanced IP services without infrastructure

Broadsoft has announced that its Broadworks VoIP platform has been selected by VoIP Solutions, an Irish-based VoIP Network Enabler working with Internet service providers and Internet telephony service providers, for deployment in what they claim to be an unprecedented incubation model.

The complete VoIP hardware platform will be housed by Broadsoft reseller VoIP Solutions, which will allow broadband service providers to easily and rapidly deliver VoIP services to their customers without any initial hardware expenditure by the ISP. Once the VoIP service is established, the ISP will have the option to purchase the complete Broadworks-based solution outright at any time for a flexible and risk-free path to full network ownership.

For ISPs, the CAPEX of deploying a VoIP network that provides advanced voice services can be prohibitively high. The VoIP Solutions incubation model allows ISPs to take advantage of a fully configured, proven VoIP network and complete sales and marketing support to get their services off the ground at a fraction of the usual start-up costs.

Whereas similar offers exist under a hosted model, the service provider incubation approach means that the ISP benefits from the reduced OPEX of a partition on a supported, geographically redundant network that includes elements, such as billing, session border control peering, and provisioning, while they receive all the advantages of full ownership and access to their own Broadsoft Broadworks licenses.

“The incubation model removes both the negative upfront CAPEX barriers associated with a traditional full network ownership approach and the inflexibility that is inherit with the standard hosted business model,” said Sean Brady, managing director of VoIP Solutions. “The flexibility to purchase the system outright whenever the ISP wants makes this quite simply the quickest and most sensible means of getting a VoIP service off the ground.”

VoIP Solutions’ incubated network will provide both residential end-users and SMEs with the complete range of advanced voice features available from the Broadworks platform, including auto-attendant, unified voicemail, instant messaging, call transfer & divert, find-me-follow-me, conference bridging and simultaneous ring. Enterprise end-users can tailor the service to suit their needs using a simple desktop toolbar, which enables them to choose who can call which numbers at what time and even the device(s) on which calls are received. Broadworks also enables the delivery of Business Trunking (IP Trunking) services, which allow businesses to retain their existing PBX by overlaying advanced network hosted applications on top, thereby increasing the lifetime of the enterprise’s original PBX investment.

“The telecom industry should take notice of this pioneering model for how broadband providers can grab a share of the VoIP market,” said Mike Wilkinson, director of European Marketing for Broadsoft.

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