VoIP Suppliers Welcome Broadsoft Call Centre Applications

Two high profile VoIP suppliers have responded to the announcement last week that hosted IP telephony platform vendor Broadsoft is to release call centre applications.

Lee Crowe, director of HipCom told Comms Business Magazine:

“We have been being asked for call centre applications for around 12 months now and it’s something that our partners have a real need for. Historically, the only call centre functionality which the BroadSoft platform had was basic capability, it was not intuitive and had no statistics reporting or formal call centre features.

The new Broadsoft VoIP Call Centre solution will be a real benefit for our partners. We can now offer true call centre features and functionality and a price per seat which is very appealing, particularly for the SME marketplace – up to around 100 users.

It is of course also ideal for larger organisations, but smaller businesses who typically could not even contemplate a call centre solution of this sophistication now have a truly viable option open to them, without the headache of a huge cost.”

Meanwhile, David Dadds, Managing Director at VanillaIP, thought the move by Broadsoft was highly significant.

“Any vendor of hosted telephony platforms has to in the first instance get their core delivery product functioning in a robust and reliable manner. Clearly Broadsoft has established this stability and is now concentrating on the user applications.

VanillaIP already has multi-site customers using sophisticated applications such as centralised operator and the addition of higher end call centre functionality will be welcomed by clients and channel partners alike.”

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