VoIP to Replace 60% of UK Business Telephony by 2010

AH Corporate Finance, a leading provider of business rental solutions, today announced that it has launched Premier Network Finance, a telecoms finance solution to help businesses adopt VoIP technology infrastructure earlier.

The company says that the majority of UK businesses are now moving to VoIP as traditional phone systems reach obsolescence. “At the projected rate of adoption, half to two-thirds of large businesses will be using VoIP by 2010. This mass migration to VoIP poses new issues for businesses trying to finance the adoption of a new system of telephony. Businesses are now turning to finance agreements to ensure that the products they choose can be updated and maintained as VoIP continues to grow.”

Iain Crockatt Managing Director, AH Corporate Finance explains “VoIP is set to become the most widely adopted communications mode for businesses over the next five years. The benefits of VoIP are varied and wide, including virtual office capabilities and the associated reduction in telephony costs. In order to maintain premium levels of VoIP quality, businesses will have to regularly update their equipment. This potential cost is leading many businesses to consider finance agreements which will allow for regular upgrades to the hired equipment.”

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