VoipSec Breaks Down VoIP Security Barriers

Vordis technologies, value added distributor of Unified Communications and convergence solutions focused on the southern European market, has added VoipSec’s EasySBC to its product portfolio to complete its SIP Trunking offering for SME and small site customers.

A VoIP security platform featuring a free ‘voice firewall’, EasySBC is designed as a zero-cost essential first layer of voice security for SMEs in an environment increasingly subject to significant business risk including call-jacking, telephony denial-of-service, and undermining the investment in the rest of the data security architecture.

Gavin Scallan, Technical Director, vordis, comments “The EasySBC solution was the missing piece of the puzzle that we have been looking for to provide a simple, robust and cost effective solution for SIP Trunking for small and medium sites. Although other VoIP security solutions exist, the level of investment and the complexity and cost of implementation make it much more difficult to make a successful business case for SIP Trunking.”

While organisations are increasingly recognising the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in order to cut call costs, traditional VoIP security models have required a dedicated – and therefore expensive – hardware implementation of a Session Border Controller (SBC) to act as the voice firewall. This has led to a complex cost/benefit equation in which the risk associated with unsecure VoIP communication has largely been downplayed.

VoipSec’s zero-cost EasySBC allows SMEs and resellers alike to overcome the barriers to entry of VoIP security, and enables them to take advantage of the benefits of SIP Trunking without exposing the business to unnecessary risk.

Gavin continues, “Having come across EasySBC by chance, we were initially sceptical of the freemium pay-per-channel pricing model. However, after a comprehensive series of tests of the solution in our labs, we were quickly convinced of its effectiveness.

“The VoIPSec EasySBC product has helped us provide a simple and cost effective solution to overcome the hurdles of SIP Trunking. It is simple to implement and operate and its commercial model really allows our SME and small site customers to take advantage of the benefits of SIP Trunking without compromising on security.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine