Vortex 6 Announces Cisco Value Incentive Program

Vortex 6 has announced a new Cisco Value Incentive Program (VIP) Module for its flagship V6 Fusion solution.

The Cisco VIP program is rapidly changing and is shifting more towards annuity business and software activation. Whilst this is causing some partners to see a reduction in their rebates the new programmes also offer many opportunities to increase income. The new V6 Fusion VIP Module will transform how partners manage their VIP rebates in this new environment.

At the same time the market for channel partners is more competitive and challenging than ever before, margins are being squeezed and with the move to annuity services more pressure is being put on resellers and SI’s to transition whilst still maintaining their profitability.

Partners need to adapt in order to be competitive. V6 Fusion makes this simple by not only automating but optimising the process. Now with this new module, partners can keep up-to-date with their VIP because it provides wider visibility around the Cisco partner program and identifies any risks to their rebate.

Utilising the V6 Fusion VIP module, Cisco partners can maximise profitability by optimising their VIP rebates, leading to reduced costs and increased income. This module makes managing, reporting and analysing rebates and annuity bonuses even easier. Partners can gain better visibility of VIP applicable products, deals and discounts so they can ensure they are selling the right products to optimise their rebate. At the same time it eliminates the risk of non-compliance and protects VIP rebates, ensuring partners receive every dollar they are entitled to. It also enables Cisco Partners to automate planning for future initiatives including new specialisations and or partner levels. In short the new Vortex 6 VIP module typically delivers a return on investment in less than 3 months.

Key features of the new VIP module include:

•Full visibility of everything you need in one place to ensure you don’t inadvertently lose rebates whilst also highlighting where there are opportunities to increase income
•A summary of rebates to identify which ones are at risk together with your current status
•Whether you are optimising all of the available programs offered by Cisco
•Cisco recommended alternative products
•Automatic analysis of each Bill of Material (BOM) and how it impacts VIP rebates
•Tracking bonus opportunities and recurring revenue versus targets
•Provides an understanding of the full impact of changes to the VIP SKU’s on rebates

Peter Olive, CEO, Vortex 6 comments: “Right now Cisco partners are challenged with the need to move to software and annuity sales and as a result the rebate programs are changing in order to incentivise this. The key question for any partner is how do you know if you are selling the right products to optimise your rebates? Our new VIP Module, helps partners to understand the VIP program changes, the impact this could have on their business and it helps to steer product strategy in the right direction to improve profitability. At the same time it reduces manual workload costs by automating data flows and analysis.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine