Vosky Announces VoSKY Exchange Pro

Skype for business solutions provider Vosky is trailing the forthcoming release of VoSKY Exchange Pro, a turnkey PBX-to-Skype appliance that enables businesses to enhance communications and reduce telecom costs.

The vendor says the new edition will simplify installation, save rack space and expedite troubleshooting by integrating software and hardware into a standalone 1U rackmount appliance.

VoSKY Exchange Pro will come pre-loaded with Skype, the software that drives the world’s largest VoIP network, as well as the VoSKY Exchange application required to deploy, run and manage the Exchange solution for Skype-enabling office phones.

VoSKY Exchange Pro is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter in two eight-port FXS and FXO models that support eight Skype or SkypeOut lines on a single box. The VoSKY Pro VIO8 FXO PBX-to-Skype appliance will connect to any TDM or IP PBX through FXS station ports, while the VIS8 FXS PBX-to-Skype appliance will connect through FXO trunk ports.

“VoSKY Exchange Pro is a true plug-and-play solution for Skype-enabling the PBX. Connect it to the appropriate ports on a PBX/KTS, and the only other thing you need to do to get started is to sign up for a Skype account,” said David Tang, Vice President of Global Marketing for VoSKY Technologies. “It’s a strong addition to our VoSKY Exchange product line that provides businesses and resellers with a new option that will help streamline the deployment and maintenance process.”

VoSKY Exchange is a family of VoIP gateways that optimises Skype for use in a business environment by allowing users to make and receive free and low-cost Skype calls over their desk phones without PCs or headsets. The gateways install on existing PBXs, allowing businesses to take advantage of Internet telephony without replacing their legacy infrastructure. They also centralize Skype provisioning and management, giving IT managers and network administrators full control over Skype use while eliminating the need to install Skype on each desktop.

The Exchange platform maximises VoIP savings by enabling free calling between company offices in different cities and/or countries, free inbound calls to the PBX from remote or mobile users calling from their Skype-enabled PCs, free Web Click-to-Call for customers calling from corporate websites, and low-cost long distance and international calls from the PBX to outside phones. Calls between Exchange-equipped offices and to other Skype users are free, while calls to traditional phones are charged at SkypeOut rates as low as 2 cents per minute — even overseas.

VoSKY Exchange is the only enterprise-grade PBX-to-Skype gateway that has earned Skype certification, ensuring seamless interoperability with Skype features and services.

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