VoSKY Exchange Slashes Telecoms Costs for Reseller

Birmingham-based solutions provider Total Integrated Communicationshas installed a PBX-to-Skype Gateway from VoSKY Technologies in order to benefit from lower Skype calling costs and improve communications with international and remote workers and its customer network.

The cabling and network specialist, which has operations across the UK and in Spain opted for the VoSKY Exchange 9140, to enable all employees to make, receive and transfer Internet-based Skype calls over standard office phone systems, helping to control international and remote staff costs.

TIC employees dial into their UK-based PBX via VoSKY exchange from Spain for free over Skype and then make UK domestic calls through their regular phone system.

The company previously had in place a PC-to-PC based Skype solution, but this proved less flexible and more costly, with additional headsets and peripheral equipment required for staff, as well as the need to be sitting beside the PC to make and receive any calls.

Danny Haines, director at TIC Solutions, confirmed that the new PBX-to-Skype Gateway from VoSKY has not only lowered costs but also made it easier to manage incoming and outgoing business calls.

“As well as free Skype calls, a key benefit of the VoSKY Exchange is that it enables mobile and remote workers to dial directly into the PBX and use any extension to make calls out from our Exchange.

“It’s simple for staff to use, and a valuable application for us is the ability to easily set up Skype conference calls with customers, saving us both money. It’s a win-win set-up for us, and we expect the VoSKY solution to pay for itself within a matter of months.”

The VoSKY Exchange range is the only hardware of its type on the market to have full Skype certification and delivers plug-and-play integration with existing office phone systems, offering Skype trunking through to the company’s PBX.

The Exchange 9140 enables employees working remotely to make Skype calls over the VoSKY Exchange system using an access code, from any landline or mobile. Incoming landline calls can be transferred to any phone number or Skype ID inside or outside the office, and only a location code and extension is needed for users to make calls between offices – eliminating the need to dial their respective PBX numbers.

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