Vosky Launches Skype Business Packs

Vosky Technologies has announced the availability of its Ultimate BizPak which combines the new Skype Small Business Pack with its Skype co-branded PBX-to-Skype Gateways to make it even easier for SMBs to use Skype in the business environment.

The pack includes: Skype Vosky Exchange PBX-to-Skype Gateway 9040 or 9140, Skype for Business CD., Skype for Windows (business edition) with MSI Business Control Panel — for managing your company’s Skype credit, €50 of Skype credit to distribute to your colleagues (that’s about £33) a 10 five-month subscriptions to Skype Pro (worth £80) and a getting started guide with tips and tricks for using Skype for Business.

Skype Vosky Exchange gateways allow SMBs to improve communication and collaboration while reducing communications costs. With Skype Pro, businesses are able to make zero per minute rated landline calls within UK from standard office phones attached to the company PBX. Connection fees apply. They will also open up SMBs to new opportunities, and enhance interaction with customers and partners that are part of a potential market of 196 million Skype users.

“SMBs need a turn-key, all-in-one VoIP solution that is easy to install and use,“ said David Tang, VP of Global Marketing, Vosky Technologies. “The key benefit of the Vosky Ultimate BizPak is that it makes it simple for companies to set up cost-effective Skype trunking through the company phone system. This is a win-win combination for business users: a complete plug-and-play solution that integrates with the office phone system, delivering all the benefits of Vosky Exchange and Skype right out of the box.”

“More businesses are opting for Skype, not only to benefit from lower calling costs, but also to manage and enhance incoming and outgoing business calls,” said Enrico Noseda, director of telecom business development at Skype. ”The Skype Vosky Exchange enables multi-site PBX networking, remote PBX access through notebook or PC, and website click-to-call – optimizing Skype for the business environment.”

A recent survey of 250 businesses showed that 95% of those questioned confirmed that they save money with Skype, and that using Skype has increased employee productivity. The launch of the bundled package from Skype and Vosky will ensure SMBs find it easier to install and deploy this range of Skype-to-PBX solutions across the company.

Both models of Skype Vosky Exchange add four Skype user accounts to the office PBX without requiring changes to the existing PBX or desk phone infrastructure. Multiple Exchange boxes can be set up in different company offices anywhere in the world for free calling between sites.

The Skype and Vosky Exchange range is the only hardware of its type to have full Skype certification, offers a rapid return on investment and gives users access to 196 million Skype users worldwide.

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