VoSKY Takes PBX-to-Skype Gateway to Businesses Worldwide

The Skype VoSKY Exchange range of rack-mountable PBX-to-Skype gateways are now available worldwide, VoSKY announced today. These gateways allow businesses to save money by making and receiving free Skype-to-Skype calls with customers and partners, as well as between company offices. The Skype VoSKY Exchange also provides a convenient bridge to landlines or mobiles by enabling inexpensive SkypeOut™ calls using standard office phones.

The co-branded Skype VoSKY Exchange 9040 and 9140 enhance business communications by adding VoIP applications like Web Click-to-Call, PBX Remote Access, Multi-site PBX Networking and Skype Trunking to existing phone systems.

The Exchange enables companies to make free Skype-to-Skype calls between company offices in different locations worldwide, free Web Click-to-Call for Skype users calling from corporate websites and free inbound calls to the PBX from remote and mobile Skype users. Businesses will also benefit from inexpensive SkypeOut rates for long-distance and international calls from the PBX to landlines or mobiles.

“About 30 percent of Skype’s 246 million registered users run Skype for business purposes,“ said Enrico Noseda, director of telecom business development at Skype. “It makes perfect sense – with Skype a business can reduce communication costs and increase productivity in an easy and simple way. The Skype VoSKY Exchange offers a businesses-class solution that integrates with a company’s phone system, allowing them to communicate and collaborate for free with Skype users anywhere in the world.”

There is an increasing business demand for Internet-based voice communication as an additional means of reaching new customers and significantly reducing telecoms costs.

“The worldwide roll-out of Skype VoSKY Exchange solutions will help address this growing demand for businesses that want to connect their phone system to Skype,” said David Tang, VP of Global Marketing at VoSKY. ”Small and medium-sized businesses are an important market that offers substantial growth opportunities, and we are excited to work with Skype to further penetrate this market through our global distribution channels.”

The Skype VoSKY exchange is a family of VoIP gateways that integrates Skype with a company’s existing phone system without replacing their existing telephony infrastructure. They also centralize Skype provisioning and management, giving IT managers and network administrators full control over Skype use.

There are two models of the Skype VoSKY Exchange. The 9040 FXS gateway model offers trunk-side connectivity to the PBX. The 9140 FXO gateway connects on the station-side and adds the ability to transfer Skype calls between offices by extension without dialling the full office number. Both models of Skype VoSKY Exchange add four Skype lines to the office PBX.

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