VoSKY’s New PBX Gateway Achieves Skype for SIP Certification

VoSKY, the developer of Skype for business solutions, has announced that its PBX-to-Skype for SIP Gateway, the VoSKY SSG, is the industry’s first gateway to be certified as interoperable with Skype for SIP.

The company says that Skype for SIP interoperability with the new VoSKY SSG will enable small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to connect their legacy PBX and Key systems to Skype. This way, SMBs can maximise the functionality of their current communications system to reduce communications costs, while also enhancing their business communications by enabling over 520 million Skype registered users to call their organization for free over Skype.

“With the VoSKY SSG, companies of any size can utilize Skype for SIP Open Beta with their existing legacy phone systems at a low start-up cost,” said David Gurle, general manager and vice president of Skype for Business. “They can quickly and easily open up their communications systems to the benefits of Internet communications and enjoy the ongoing savings, while also enhancing the way they connect, collaborate and interact with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers.”

The VoSKY SSG is available in two versions, supporting either 4 or 8 channels. It offers integration with Skype for SIP Open Beta with any analogue PBX or key system, connecting via a conventional (FXS) analogue port. It allows businesses to take advantage of Skype’s cost savings and enhanced business features without restructuring their existing communications network and infrastructure.

The VoSKY SSG also allows businesses using the Skype for SIP Open Beta to place click-to-call buttons on their corporate Web site. These click-to-call buttons enable customers using Skype to call the business directly for free with just one click. Having received a call via a click-to-call button, the VoSKY SSG directs this inbound call to the company’s legacy PBX system for it to be routed to the intended recipient.

David Tang, VP of global marketing for VoSKY, said: “As the industry’s first certified Skype for SIP gateway for PBXs, the VoSKY SSG gives businesses reliable, plug-and-play access to all the features made possible by Skype for SIP. The new gateway is a great solution for SMBs, which do not have IP PBXs and have not traditionally been able to take advantage of the cost benefits of Skype for SIP.

“The VoSKY SSG gives them a cost-effective method of using Skype for SIP with any type of telephone system: they simply plug it into their existing legacy PBX or KTS and immediately start reaping the benefits, such as low-cost calling rates and enhanced business communications. It enables return on investment within two to three months.”

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