voxclever Reveals Top Mobile Working Applications

voxclever, a provider of small business IT solutions for SMEs, says they have identified the top money saving mobile working applications available to SMEs.

Unified messaging, small business VoIP and hosted desktop services have been highlighted as the three most valuable mobile working applications at an SME’s disposal, to save on costs and maximise workforce productivity on the move.

By using small business VoIP services, SME owner-managers can take advantage of a whole host of features, which aren’t available with a traditional analogue phone service, and can be managed easily and effectively, regardless of location.

One such feature is unified messaging which allows users to enable all mobile, standard phone messages, texts and video messages to be sent directly to their email inbox meaning important messages from clients and colleagues alike need never be missed again.

Hosted desktop services provide users with the ability to access their entire PC desktop remotely from any computer located anywhere on the planet. This provides access to all files, archived data, communication tools and desktop applications – keeping employees working wherever they may be based.

Scott Goodwin, CEO of voxclever, said: “We are highlighting the top, most valuable services available to small businesses on a per user basis to enable them to save money. All of the services detailed above are available from voxclever on a per user basis, making them much more cost-effective and removing the need for investment in expensive infrastructure at a time when funds aren’t readily available due to the recession.”

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