Voxsmart Secures Mobile Phone Recordings Against Tampering

Voxsmart, the mobile phone recording specialist, has enhanced its portfolio of compliance recording solutions for BlackBerry mobiles with VoxMonitor. This unique new application monitors the recording applications and triggers alerts should any unauthorised or unwanted changes occur for whatever reason during the life of the device. It enables organisations to efficiently manage unforeseen circumstances, unexpected problems or unauthorised tampering to ensure that unrecorded calls are not being made.

According to John Enoch, founder of Voxsmart and designer of the new application: “VoxMonitor exceeds the standard IT Policy management provided within the BlackBerry platform and gives additional assurance that usage of any recorded phone can be interrupted and denied if our recording application is somehow disabled. With a uniquely sophisticated audit trail of compliance, it provides unparalleled protection from inadvertent breaches of the Financial Services regulations. It is rock solid.”

VoxMonitor takes a snapshot of the security parameters and overall health of any recorded device upon installation and identifies if an attempt is made to disable call recording or any other event which could cause the recording application to fail. This new application gives organisations the ability to gather evidence of unwanted events through alerts, or automatically lock the phone to prevent calls being made until the problem is resolved. VoxMonitor can also be used to ensure that any software loaded onto a BlackBerry is similarly monitored.

“We have already submitted a patent application for this new solution,” continued John Enoch. “VoxMonitor is just one more way that Voxsmart can help compliance management and officers in regulated firms to sleep a little easier at night.”

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