Vtesse Launches ‘Clean Pipe’ Service

Vtesse Networks has announced the launch of its new ‘Clean Pipe’ DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) mitigation network service. Utilising market leading security and DDoS solutions from Juniper Networks Junos DDoS Secure, this new cloud-based service will provide all Vtesse’s UK customers with sophisticated protection against one of the most damaging forms of cyber attack.

Difficult to identify and impossible to block using traditional methods, DDoS attacks can be employed by hackers to meet a variety of objectives. The results of DDoS attacks can range from disrupting an organisation’s internet and email services, to completely disabling an entire website; potentially causing severe financial damages or the loss of consumer confidence. DDoS attacks are typically launched using a large number of infected internet hosts (PCs, servers or virtual machines) to direct attack traffic at an organisation’s internet facing infrastructure, such as webservers and firewalls, with the aim of overloading these devices so they become unusable. The only effective solution against this growing threat is a dedicated DDoS mitigation and threat management system.

Vtesse’s ‘Clean Pipe’ DDoS mitigation service, installed at strategic locations within the Vtesse network and clustered to provide ultra-high availability, is an ‘always on’ solution. It continually analyses customers’ internet traffic and automatically cleans threat traffic without any operator intervention. As a cloud-based service, maximum protection is offered alongside low cost of ownership. Unlike traditional DDoS mitigation services which will only monitor an IP address once the first web request is made, the Juniper Networks Junos DDos Secure technology utilised by Vtesse tracks each individual IP address through the entire cycle and is able to analyse and filter any bad traffic much more effectively at a granular level. This means it can successfully protect against the rising trend of ‘low and slow’ DDoS requests – which are prolonged attacks operating under the radar of most mitigation services – as well as the more established volumetric attacks, which are actually far more easily identified and blocked.

“The truth is that most organisations today are far more likely to face the threat of DDoS attack than any kind of natural disaster,” said Paul Bristow, senior director, Security Business Unit at Juniper Networks. “More or less every business will have some kind of disaster recovery plan in place to protect their business operations and more likely than not, this will also extend to the network. DDoS mitigation however, is all too often ignored. These kinds of attacks are increasingly commonplace and can be launched by practically anyone. With Junos DDoS Secure, Juniper Networks is leading the industry with an advanced approach to addressing the severity of this threat and is continuing to develop increasingly sophisticated methods to prevent organisations’ online assets from being taken down.”

David Wickham, Vtesse CEO, added, “We live in a world where IT security is a primary concern for every business. We understand that our customers trust us to maintain their business critical operations. For many, being put offline for even a couple of minutes is entirely unacceptable and can have far reaching consequences for its business. With our new DDoS mitigation service, we can be act as a frontline defence and prevent this from happening. Vtesse has always prided itself on being able to provide the absolute best user experience, addressing the security challenges of its customers and protecting their business operations at all costs only serves to highlight our ability to meet this objective.”

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