VxDSL Voice only DSL

Frontier Systems voice arm, VoiceFlex has launched VxDSL saying it is the first ever cost-effective voice only DSL which guarantees network quality for SIP trunks. VxDSL utilises BT’s ATM coupled with Frontier’s MPLS network to provide, they claim, unparalled levels of service and quality.

Paul Taylor, Sales Director commented, “VxDSL provides the first end-to-end quality network based on DSL technology. This has been done before but on expensive private MPLS networks which isn’t feasible for mass market penetration. The Frontier-VoiceFlex product removes the uncertainty that the internet brings to VoIP; we don’t use the internet, just internet technology.

Taylor believes SIP Trunking is having a massive effect on the communications markets, “With all the mainline TDM manufacturers either launched or in the process of launching SIP trunks, we have moved from early adopter market to mass market. VxDSL is the icing on the cake, it takes away the concern of ‘will it, won’t it work’, ‘is the present ADSL big enough’, ‘what will the quality be like’.

VxDSL in basic terms is a point-to-point connection, utilising our MPLS backbone, negating the need for packet shaping thus providing a far more effective network.”

VxDSL is provided in two offerings; VxDSL5 guaranteeing 5 SIP trunks and VxDSL10 guaranteeing 10 SIP trunks.

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