Vyke announces Beta version of VoIP client for Symbian Series 60

Vyke Communications has announced that it has completed alpha testing on its stand alone Symbian VoIP client for Symbian phones.

Subsequently the stand alone mobile VoIP client has moved into a broader BETA test group prior to becoming publicly available later in the year.

A stand alone Mobile VoIP client means that the owner of mobile phones with this operating system can, regardless of their mobile subscription or limitations bestowed upon them by their mobile operator, make VoIP calls from their mobile phone.

Earlier this month Vyke released an open beta version of its FreeTxT product, which allows Vyke users with Symbian phones to send free SMS between each other or at a flat fee of $0.06 to any other mobile destination worldwide.

FreeTxT fully integrates with the customer’s handset and the users send regular SMS from their phones messaging centre, but all messages are routed over GPRS to Vyke where they are sent via Vyke’s extensive SMS gateway solution to the destination mobile.

The two products are merging into one product that will be released later this year under the Vyke-Air brand.

Jan C Berger, CMO at Vyke, commented: “This beta release demonstrates that Vyke is on track with its product strategy and is continuing to position itself as the provider of mobile VoIP and IP messaging solutions. It is important for Vyke to continuously deliver mobile operator independent solutions to allow our customers to make effortless and cost saving calls from their mobile phones regardless of their subscriptions and, or their whereabouts!”

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