WAN Optimisation Market up 20%, Enterprise Routers up 4% in 3Q07

Worldwide sales of WAN optimisation appliances are up 20% in 3Q07 from 2Q07, and units shipments are up 16%, says Infonetics Research in its latest Enterprise Routers and WAN Optimization Appliances report.

Quarterly manufacturer revenue for WAN optimisation appliances has almost doubled over the past year, from 3Q06 to 3Q07, the report shows.

“The WAN optimization market continues to do well; we expect another sequential gain in the fourth quarter, ending the year on an up note, and 65% year-over-year annual growth. In the enterprise router market, we saw some weakness in the beginning of 2007, but the market has steadily improved over the year, and we expect it to finish strong with a solid fourth quarter due to pent-up demand,” said Infonetics Research directing analyst Matthias Machowinski.

Other highlights from the report:

Unit shipments of WAN optimisation appliances are forecast to quadruple between 2006 and 2010

Enterprise router sales are up 4% sequentially in 3Q07, with gains in all segments of the market (high-end, mid-range, branch, and low-end/SOHO)

Mid-range routers make up 39% of the total enterprise router revenue pie in 3Q07

Cisco continues to lead the enterprise router market by far, followed by Juniper and Huawei for revenue share

Riverbed maintains its lead in the WAN optimization market, followed by Cisco; Bluecoat moves up to 3rd

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