Warm Welcome for Nimans’ Mid-Market Move

Resellers have given an enthusiastic welcome to Nimans’ foray into the mid-market with Avaya. Business partners travelled from across the UK and converged at a top Manchester hotel to hear in detail about the groundbreaking developments – with Avaya’s MultiVantage Express platform at the centrepiece of Nimans’ plans.

“I am very excited by these developments as it’s the perfect way into this arena for us,” explained Rob Lister, MD of Lister Communications. “The product takes us into a new segment of the market which is fantastic. It’s a more responsible segment which would normally require extensive investment to have the infrastructure in place for us not to let our customers down. This has been a barrier for entry into this market before, but now with the assurances and back-up available we can go out and legitimately sell and deliver this portfolio. There are no obstacles in our path.”

Rob added: “In the past we have had one or two sales opportunities per month which often we had to walk away from. That’s been very frustrating particularly because of the nature of these deals which can often be the icing on the cake for us in terms of the large revenue generated. We now have the infrastructure and confidence to move forward with Nimans and Avaya. It fits in perfectly and all makes sense. The mid market is where we want to be.”

Distributor Nimans says its foray into the mid-market arena with Avaya represents a tremendous opportunity for its business partners to take their sales to a major new level.

Nimans has built on its long-standing success in the SMB sector with Avaya by securing distribution of its innovative mid-market product range for up to 500 users – opening up a new world of lucrative sales potential for its growing customer base.

Resellers learned how they will benefit from much easier access to mid-market sales, following Avaya’s decision to add Nimans to its distribution channel in this sector.

Nimans’ Avaya Business Manager, Tim Freeth, explained: “We have enjoyed phenomenal success in the SMB market with Avaya over the last four years which gives us a great platform to build on. This is the next logical step for Nimans, to take our business partners to the next stage.”

He highlighted the low risk opportunity, low cost of entry and comprehensive support from both Nimans and Avaya, as key attractions. “Previously this technology was only accessible by being a fully qualified Enterprise reseller, which involved business partners investing in tens of thousands of pounds as part of a lengthy accreditation process. Now a second tier has been created where the mid-market sits in what we see as a growing area of activity.”

He emphasised how business partners will be particularly interested in the Avaya MultiVantage Express platform, for which initial set-up can be completed in less than two hours, reducing installation and project management costs.

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