WATT Price Power Protection?

PowerPlans are the latest offering in the power protection market from Riello Galatrek. They allow large networks and data processing centres to secure a guaranteed source of uninterruptible electrical power for less than £25 per day.

PowerPlans bring all the costs of an uninterruptible power supply installation under a single financial contract whose costs can then be spread over a two to five year period. In addition to the UPS other typical costs covered include: maintenance bypass, switchgear and distribution, batteries, generators, electrical installation and commissioning services. Additional maintenance emergency response plans can also be included as well as remote site monitoring by the Riello UPS Service Centre, and full battery replacement.

PowerPlans can be created for any customer installing a Riello Power Dialog, Multi Dialog or Master Dialog uninterruptible power supply from 10 to 800kVA. A typical large network of more than 300 users with a centralised data processing centre could be protected by a £20,000 Multi Dialog UPS installation. Under a three year PowerPlan this would equate to less than £700 per month or £23 per day.

Extra hardware such as an additional N+1 UPS module or battery runtime extension pack can be added to an existing PowerPlan. At the end of its term a single final payment can secure the equipment as a capital purchase for the customer. Alternatively an upgrade or de-installation and removal can be requested from Riello Galatrek.

“PowerPlans offer Riello UPS customers the ideal financial solution when selecting uninterruptible power” commented Leo Craig, Sales Manager for Riello Galatrek Ltd. “Many capital goods suppliers are striving hard to find new ways to bring their goods to customers in highly competitive markets. PowerPlans are just one way we can help our customers secure the best power protection for their systems.”

The major PowerPlan advantages are:

• Easy documentation and sign up
• Simple to budget – goes to revenue rather than capital budgets with identified monthly spends
• Allows valuable cash to be better used elsewhere in a business
• Match the cost of acquisition to revenue earned / cost savings achieved
• Capital Allowance entitlement for tax planning
• No compromise on features wanted due to cost
• Easy to add additional equipment and upgrade runtimes and power
• No need to use up valuable existing lines of credit
• One stop shopping – purchase a turn-key solution from Riello Galatrek
• Inflation proof payments

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