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Wavenet launches TeamsLink

Wavenet Wholesale’s TeamsLink package streamlines the adoption of Microsoft’s Teams Calling features by introducing a bundled service that combines Microsoft’s Direct Routing and Calling Plan services with unlimited talk-time and Wavenet’s comprehensive technical
support and migration experience.

Since its introduction, the Microsoft Teams application has become the ‘go-to-app’ for collaboration and productivity; given the integration of Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint software and peripheral services within a single product. Now with the addition
of VoIP functionality, Microsoft Teams is set to become an even greater driving force in productivity as businesses can work leaner and smarter, with lower costs and better functionality.

When BT’s PSTN ‘Switch Off’ roadmap is also taken into consideration; Unified Communications suppliers now have an opportunity to rethink how telephony is delivered in the Channel before 2025 and the legacy system is deactivated permanently. With TeamsLink, businesses can easily take/make calls directly from/to landline phones from their computers as well as phones, tablets, headsets and handsets from within the Microsoft Teams application, without the headache of procuring Microsoft Direct Routing licences and corresponding Calling Plans for each member of staff. Additional bundles are available separately for international calls and audio conferencing.

Antony Black, Director of Wholesale, commented “Wavenet has recognised the growing demand for business-ready solutions that fill the modern requisites for a streamlined workflow, remote access & calling, as well as simplified budgeting. A robust connection and TeamsLink is all a business may need to ensure a reliable telephony services as we move into the new decade.”

40% of new Enterprise telephony purchases are expected to be cloud based by 2023*. Therefore, the rate of adoption is set to surge and Wavenet has designed its TeamsLink proposition to be easily scalable and implemented. Wavenet looks forward to further collaboration with its Channel Partners to gain feedback on the rollout of TeamsLink and discover use-cases and in turn, develop new features that will better serve its end-users.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine