Wavex Launches APEX V2

Wavex Technology has announced APEX V2 – a new version of its flagship APEX business platform, which increases capability including access via a new mobile app, a new procurement portal and improved project management capability.

APEX V2 builds upon Wavex’s previous APEX platform, and enables IT managers to easily navigate the interface and carry out required tasks. This includes checking the status of their businesses’ IT infrastructure or scanning the system for any cyber security vulnerabilities.

The new version sees the addition of a procurement portal that provides management of the purchasing and approval progress for equipment. APEX 2 also gives users access to ‘Social IT’, a completely new forum exclusively for Wavex customers that offers the chance for users to publish general questions and share tips. Users will also get better access to relevant subject matter experts at Wavex for any service queries.

In addition, the new APEX mobile app is included with the new version, and is available on both iOS and Android, enabling IT managers to receive business updates and drive business processes while on the move.

Gavin Russell, CEO, Wavex, says: “We are excited about the new capabilities that APEX 2 is able to deliver to both existing and future clients. We designed the new platform following an extensive consultation process in which we took on-board all the feedback we had received on the original APEX platform, and so this updated version continues to hold the user experience at its heart.

“We made a conscious decision to not only ensure that clients can enjoy a great user experience today, but also to look to the future and anticipate how APEX might be used going forward. We’re confident that APEX V2 will allow our clients to be safer, more efficient and more productive.”

As well as the APEX V2 platform, Wavex is also publishing a new ‘engagement’ guide. This will ensure that customers are contacting the right Wavex representative at the right time regarding the queries they have.

“With the release of our new engagement guide, we’re hoping that customers will be able to get quicker and more meaningful responses to the specific business queries they have,” Russell says

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine