Welcome Telecom Release Online IP Telephony Video

Stroud based Welcome Telecom has announced the release of an instructional video outlining the benefits of IP Telephony for small to medium sized businesses. The video, ‘Welcome to IP Telephony’ is part of a drive to encourage better understanding of the benefits of IP.

In the video Welcome Telecom outlines some bottom-line benefits of IP Telephony, such as increased scalability and flexibility as well as the ability to plug in a phone anywhere in the world without changing your number. Whilst most people are beginning to understand the benefits of using IP Telephony at home, they do not necessarily understand the advantages of using IP Telephony in the office. Welcome Telecom’s own service, based on Gamma Telecom’s proven infrastructure, lets businesses adopt almost any geo-specific dialling code, giving them the ability to appear more geographically diverse, or local, than they actually are.

“People are aware of the use of IP Telephony in personal situations, such as talking cheaply to relatives abroad”, said Jack Michalski of Welcome Telecom. “But what are the advantages in the business world? IP Telephony offers scalability, flexibility and future-proofing. It can deliver audio-quality on a par with that of old-fashioned landlines, and BT is basing its 21st Century Network on IP Telephony technology. We have tried to put these points across in a format which is simple and widely accessible. The film, combined with our interactive web based IP Telephony presentations, allows our dealer partners to approach a wide client audience.”

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