Westell Enables BT PBX Net Offering

Convergence migration specialist Westell Limited says BT is using its IiQ 2030 gateway product to allow them to launch a new solution in its convergence portfolio called PBX Net. PBX Net is being aimed at BT customers who wish to make their first steps toward full IP based converged voice and data communications, without needing to rip and replace their existing telephony systems/exchanges.

Westell says that many enterprises already have IP networks from BT, which actually have the capacity for voice and video, yet currently are only being used for sending and receiving data. PBX Net utilises these existing networks, so that customers can cut costs by running all communication over IP. This transition ensures that customers can make savings from utilising a single voice and data network, increase their confidence in VoIP and negate the need to change or put any additional investment into their existing legacy communication systems.

Westell’s IiQ 2030 is the final component, which enables BT’s PBX Net to connect the various DPNSS legacy systems that are being used in today’s mixed telecommunication environment. IiQ 2030 technology was chosen by BT above other offerings, as it has the ability to retain all the advanced services running on their customers’ existing voice systems.

“We already have many joint customers using PBXNet-type services, including Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre NHS Trust,” explains BT IPN Product Manager, Jaskarn Randhawa. “Our partnership with Westell has enabled us to develop an additional convergence service package called PBX Net which will enable customers like the afore mentioned NHS Trust to integrate VoIP technology into their existing system, sustaining the original phone systems functionality yet causing minimal disruption to our customers’ communication network.”

Westell Marketing Director Vaughn Armstrong explains that, “Many companies are wary of making the financial and physical commitment to full IP based communication. PBX Net is the ideal solution for those companies who wish to make their initial steps to this way of delivering and receiving information, be it in the form of data, voice or video and in doing so, see the cash rewards associated with IP networking in return.”

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