What does an industry award really mean to Icom?

It used to be the case that you could create a successful business by delivering a good product and a reasonable service to customers.

Now, in an age where competition in business is fierce, consumers are in the unique position of having the luxury to dictate their own expectations of the businesses with which they deal; and if you don’t live up to them, they will find someone else who can.

So, in most cases, businesses are now in the unenviable position of being at the consumers’ mercy. Certain criteria which used to stand them out from the crowd, such as ISO 9001, guarantees and warranties, etc. are commonplace and standard requirements for any business to even have a chance of competing.

So, with the bar raised, businesses need to look at other, less common, awards that will prove their worth within the area they operate. This is exactly what Icom, a leading telecommunications provider, have achieved after recently being awarded Avaya Business Partner – Silver Status Accreditation.

Icom say this is an award that only a select few in the industry possess, and it isn’t easy to accomplish. The criteria Icom had to fulfil to secure accreditation included demonstration of their expertise in five different areas. These were business engagement, marketing engagement, customer service, professional certification and product authorisation.

In a nutshell, the award means Icom have the sales, product, marketing and technological knowledge to help Avaya grow within the industry. And for Icom, the acknowledgement by one of the leaders within the field, speaks volumes.

John Donoghue, Managing Director of Icom comments on the award; “At Icom we’re lucky to have a team that is full of professional and talented individuals. They earn the trust of customers and suppliers through hard work and honesty. This accreditation from Avaya signifies this as much as anything else.”

Icom is continually growing and they’re now keen to go for gold with Avaya. But they are keen to point out that they are a company with a very down to earth attitude, and this is something they intend to keep, no matter how big they get.

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