What’s Connect to Your Network?

Basingstoke based porttracker Ltd has announced the launch of its first product, porttracker, an easy to use, plug–and-play appliance, that enables IT and Network Managers to quickly and simply track and report on what is connected to the network.

porttracker automatically builds a complete view of a company’s switch-port inventory replacing time consuming and onerous manual procedures. porttracker enables IT and Network Managers to reduce both the cost and time spent on quickly and easily tracking who and what is connected to their network. In addition, it helps them to make informed decisions about the capacity requirements needed to meet network growth.

“One of the greatest challenges facing IT and Network Managers is the pressure to achieve greater results with a tighter budget”, said Julian Rigg, CEO of porttracker. “porttracker was developed to meet that exact challenge and address the issue of port wastage. Port wastage and poor port management can not only cost companies tens of thousands of pounds a year, but it also leads to time consuming tasks that often stop the IT and Network Managers doing the jobs that they were actually hired to do”.

porttracker is very easy to use and needs virtually no training. porttracker provides detailed switch information through its friendly user interface, it also has the capability to sort by Switch and Port for a ‘last seen’ time and date of when it was used as well as showing when a device was last seen.

porttracker is designed for companies with 1000+ ports and using a tiered architecture, scales up to meet the needs of the largest global businesses. porttracker’s views automatically collate and display information to provide a comprehensive insight into network connectivity. This enables IT and Network Managers to make informed business decisions on port wastage, troubleshooting and network security, ultimately reducing operational overheads.

“In today’s climate of economic uncertainty, companies are becoming increasingly aware that their investment in IT needs to deliver a measurable ROI and do so in a timely fashion. This is exactly what porttracker does. By using porttracker, not only can a company save money on buying new switches by re-using the redundant ones, but they can reduce their security risks by properly managing what device is connected to their network and where,” continued Rigg.

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