While Pigs Fly, the ‘Skype’ is Falling

Commenting on the turbulent events at eBay last week that saw the two Skype founders take the money and run, Boomtel Networks founder and former DeTeWe UK boss Nadahl Shocair commented, “What happened at eBay and Skype was no surprise” while citing his widely distributed comments of August 2005 when he stated that “eBay had lost its marbles by paying $2.6 Billion for an internet chat program veiled as a telco”.

Nadahl Shocair further stated, “eBay lost its marbles two years ago when it bought a mere Internet Chat Program with voice for $2.6 Billion and has obviously lost the rest of its marbles by taking a $1.4 Billion charge off its Balance sheet.”

As to the potential shareholder reaction, he emphasized, “….this is entrusted shareholder money and there may be fallout as eBay shareholders would probably be unforgiving of such a monumental blunder. It would not be a surprise to see more serious and negative developments emerge as a result; and not to mention the potential legal problems to uncover how Skype was actually valued”.

Shocair added, “This Über-Hype that surrounds eBay/Skype’s claims of 200 Million Skype members ‘or downloads as they call them’ does not tie-in logically with the latest research figures that shows 300 Million Broadband subscribers around the world, which would give Skype a member penetration of 67% of the global broadband market.”

“Skype, and other internet chat programs like it which offer a voice chat layer are awkward and inconvenient to use as both parties need to be on a computer as they are not interoperable with standard everyday telephone devices. Voice over Chat is still the fascination of ‘the chat-addicts’, ‘the curious users’ and/or those ‘anything-for-free consumers’.

Shocair emphasized that “Boomtel’s business philosophy, business plan and engineering research surrounds the premise that VoIP can only be commercially successful and viable for users through widespread adoption with an internet telephony suite of services which will finally deliver plug and play interoperability with all existing telephone devices such as business telephone systems, home cordless phones and mobile handsets that people use every day.

“The PC based Voice over Chat component can only be a compliment to the internet telephony suite purely for the user’s convenience and cannot be relied upon as the core user experience, as that core is the telephone device where ever it may reside or roam. When this suite of services is delivered in concert, we may see the slow and gradual demise of the $1 Trillion traditional public telephone networks that has and continues to rely on the metered minute revenue.”

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