White Stuff Goes for NGN from THUS

THUS and Vodat International, leading retail communications solutions provider, have announced that they are to provide a next-generation network (NGN) solution for White Stuff, the urban and outdoor clothing fashion retailer. White Stuff has adopted a new managed next-generation communications solution in its 45 stores showroom, distribution centre and head office in order to reduce transaction times for customers, ensure compliance with Payments Card Industry (PCI) data security standards and boost inter-store communication with head office for enhanced reporting.

Vodat and THUS will provide a fully managed Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. The managed solution has built-in PCI compliance to ensure that card holder details are protected. The network will reduce chip and pin transaction speeds for the customer from around 40 seconds to less than five.

White Stuff say they selected Vodat and THUS due to their extensive experience of providing communication solutions for the retail sector. The stores will be connected via Private Access Broadband, while the head office will be connected via an SDSL line. SDSL is quicker to provision than a leased line and has a robust Service Level Agreement – making it a cost effective alternative. It also offers the capacity to introduce features such as VoIP.

In addition, the solution enables stores to manage tasks more efficiently by communicating with head office. Venn Luscombe-Mahoney, IT Manager at White Stuff said, “The systems gives us a standardised solution and closed loop audit trail; staff can send us pictures of window displays by connecting a digital camera to the store PC, report faults and incidents, and provide footfall data direct from thermal imaging cameras.
The solution from Vodat and THUS gives us a fully managed flexible, cost effective and unified solution.”

Mike Bielinski, Managing Director at Vodat International, commented, “White Stuff has only begun to explore the benefits of store communications enabled by broadband networks. We look forward to working with them to develop new solutions.”

Phil Male, Chief Operating Officer at THUS plc said, “We are excited by working with Vodat and their clients to provide network solutions that fully meet and exceed the needs of the retail sector. As technology becomes ever more important for businesses we will continue to work towards delivering the most advanced technologies available for companies making the transition to next-generation services.”

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