Wick Hill Appointed As UK Distributor By Imation

Wick Hill has been appointed as UK distributor for Imation Mobile Security. Imation is a global technology company whose portfolio includes data storage and security products, electronics and accessories. Wick Hill will focus on the mobile security portfolio, which includes MXI, IronKey and Defender solutions.

This signing sees further expansion for Wick Hill. Ian Kilpatrick, chairman Wick Hill Group, commented: “Our mission is to find areas which will enable VARs to expand and grow their businesses and margins. Mobile security is one area which offers continuing high growth and opportunities. The need for it is patently obvious from the ongoing press coverage of failures to secure mobile data and from the penalties levied by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for such failures.

“Imation offers a range of market-leading mobile security solutions which deliver a secure working mobile environment across a range of business and government needs. These offerings include Imation Defender, MXI and IronKey products. The Imation Mobile Security portfolio enables VARs to provide a comprehensive solution to the issues of securing data in motion. Following our success with Imation Mobile Security solutions in Germany, we are now looking to continue that success in the UK.”

Kilpatrick stressed that moving into this area with market-leading Imation, will give Wick Hill channel partners the strength of a worldwide market leader, the benefit of excellent price performance and the opportunity to sell a range of solutions to its customers. All of this in a market where a significant percentage of customers still has to address the increasing problem of mobile data security.

Nick Banks, vice-president for EMEA and APAC, Imation Mobile Security commented: “At Imation Mobile Security we believe that strong, long-term relationships with our channel partners are fundamental to our success and the success of our partners. Imation has rapidly expanded its customer base and has ambitious plans for growth over the next three years.

“As a 100% channel-focused vendor, our channel partners will play an instrumental role in this expansion. I look forward to working side by side with Wick Hill and its channel partners and am excited by the potential of this untapped global market.”

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