Wick Hill Shipping WebSafe Personal

Wick Hill is now shipping the third solution in Allot’s suite of network-based security products, Allot WebSafe Personal.

Fully integrated with Allot Service Gateway and based on its market-leading DPI technology, Allot WebSafe Personal enables mobile operators to quickly and cost-effectively deploy value-added, opt-in services to customers that generate revenues while increasing customer satisfaction and protection. Allot WebSafe Personal has already been deployed by leading mobile operators in multiple regions across the globe.

Allot WebSafe Personal offers two flexible service bundles, which can be deployed together or individually. WebSafe Personal Parental Control allows parents to filter and monitor the websites and content their children view, as well as the amount of time they spend online. WebSafe Personal Anti-Malware prevents incoming viruses, worms, Trojans, bots and other forms of malware from infecting their smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. WebSafe Personal Anti-Malware provides network-based protection against attacks and 24/7 signature updates, while requiring no action to be performed by subscribers.

With the proliferation of Internet-connected smartphones and tablets, online activity has increased dramatically, especially among teens and children. Armed with Allot WebSafe Personal, mobile and fixed network operators can provide parents with a simple solution for protecting their children’s online activity. Allot WebSafe Personal utilises both automated web filtering and human analysis to identify, classify and control access to websites, advertisements and content that parents view as harmful or inappropriate.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill Group, commented: “This solution not only provides the functionality recently demanded by the coalition to protect children and households from online porn, but also allows providers to deliver similar online protection for small businesses. This is an area of increasing concern and Allot’s solution gets around the concerns of cost and functionality expressed by many service providers, which have hampered progress in the past. We have already seen significant interest expressed in this through our reseller channel.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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