Windsor Telecom Call for Action on Numbering Scheme

Windsor Telecom, a provider of memorable phone numbers and inbound call solutions, is for the first time offering its customers access to select a number from the new 03 number ranges.

The 030 number range, which includes 0300 numbers and 0303 numbers, has been specifically allocated by Ofcom for use by not-for-profit organisations, such as charities, and public sector organisations, for example Government departments, local councils, NHS organisations, GP practices, schools, colleges and universities. With 0300 or 0303 numbers, organisations are able to differentiate themselves from commercial businesses and callers can be more confident about who they are calling.

The Tameside and Glossop branch of the RSPCA, the well-known animal welfare charity, are already using their new 0300 numbers. The Ministry of Defence is the first of the Whitehall Departments to sign up to using 03 numbers.

Many local councils have already positively assessed the benefits of using
03 numbers and have made a commitment to use 03 numbers when they are released, which include South Beds, Wirral and Trafford councils.

Other companies and organisations will be eligible to sign up for the 033 number range. With 033 numbers, businesses can present a positive image, where they are pro-active in responding to caller concerns with other phone numbers, such as 0870. Callers can be more confident about who they are calling. Examples of memorable phone numbers include: 0333 33 54321 for a company that manufactures fireworks or rockets, an Owl Sanctuary might choose 03330 28 28 20 or an audio firm could have 03330 12 12 12.

03 numbers has been hailed as the ‘magic number’ by Windsor Telecom. Their introduction by Ofcom will rebuild confidence and trust in non-geographic numbers and organisations that use them. They are being introduced as an alternative to 08 business phone numbers, such as 0870 and 0871 numbers.

Consumers will have a clear understanding of the price that they are paying to call 03 numbers, as the cost of calling will be the same as calls to geographic numbers (normal landline numbers starting 01 or 02).

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