Wireless Logic Expands IoT Team

Wireless Logic Group have increased their dedicated Comms Channel IoT team with the appointment of Cameron Kirk as Channel Manager. Cameron will join Jon-Paul Clarke – Business Development Director and Alistair Colam – UK Sales Manager, to bring even more focus on this vitally important business stream for the group.

This appointment comes at a time when IoT connectivity solutions from Unified Comms Specialists and Voice Dealers has become a significant percentage of Wireless Logic’s UK revenue. The last three years have seen relationships grow and prosper as partners have onboarded and developed their own confidence in taking IoT and M2M propositions to market.

But as Jon-Paul Clarke emphasises, thinking connectivity alone is not the approach to take. “In certain vertical sectors, the danger of IoT/M2M connectivity commoditisation has become a reality. Bidding wars for unsecure data SIMs is fundamentally not the market we want to be in. The focus with our Channel partners is more on a complete end-to-end package – secure infrastructure where we overlay APN/VPN solutions to ensure data is not compromised, sector-leading management platforms which empower users to optimise their own SIM-based activity across multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and of course the connectivity itself – with strategic relationships with all UK MNOs and access to 600+ global networks. It is these three elements – infrastructure, platforms and connectivity, which really set our partners’ market approach apart.”

Cameron will be adding a number of accounts to his portfolio and will be developing further programme services to bolster the relationships: “Becoming a member of the IoT Channel Partner team is an exciting opportunity as we evolve our offering. As part of this programme we’ll be providing partners with enhanced sales collateral, training and commercial offerings. However, key to a successful relationship is in understanding a channel partner’s customer focus, their needs in identifying opportunities and their billing requirements. Through this, we will then be able to tailor each partner offering to create the best platform for optimising business potential.

“Having a sole focus on this channel enables me to bring consistency and transparency to our solutions, with the goal to empower our partners to be as self-sufficient as possible. With Wireless Logic’s broad market expertise, we are on hand to guide and support in securing business which requires greater technical knowledge. We’ll also be able to advise on projects which may have longer sales/testing cycles; we know that this patience can pay off with our partners reaping the rewards of recurring revenue and commissions.”

The ‘IoT Channel Partner Programme’ will see a number of sales and marketing initiatives launched in the coming months. These will include enhanced connectivity and mobile hardware solutions, further ‘verticalisation’ of services will help Channel partners take more sophisticated solutions to market, backed by unrivalled experience from ‘real-life’ deployments. Cameron and his team will be holding rounds of meetings in the next few weeks to talk through the programme in further detail.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine