Wireless Logic Hits 2m SIM Milestone

During 2015 Wireless Logic has seen its subscription base increase to over 2 million SIMs. Achieving this landmark figure, the organisation has taken an intensive journey focusing on its entire service delivery model. With a customer base exceeding 1000 solution providers across Europe, the need to deliver quality services has never been greater.

With a number of key milestones to be reached, customer service and delivery has been a main priority for Director of Operations, Matthew Tate (pictured). Having arrived from Research in Motion just 14 months ago, Matthew and his Operations Team have performed a group-wide audit to understand just how the organisation has been performing for its growing group of customers. With annual growth of over 30% achieved consistently over the last eight years, Matthew acknowledges that the drive for excellence throughout the organisation has always been on ‘catch-up’ with the sheer mass of business being processed. “We have been surprisingly good in our service delivery given the dynamics of the market and our make-up, but to ensure sustainability in excellence I wanted to look at ourselves in greater depth,” explains Matthew Tate.

In just six months, Wireless Logic has invested significantly into customer insight, customer relationship management platforms and quality systems.

Wireless Logic Group is now ISO 9001 Quality Management certified – vitally important to customers whose own quality programmes expect such standards. A new engagement and information platform from Zendesk has been introduced which is creating an entirely new approach to how the organisation manages and interacts with customers.

“Achieving ISO 9001 has been a journey that has really explored every corner of our operational service and delivery. With this standard in place, there is a real spirit of confidence knowing that our processes have been scrutinised and passed fit for purpose. Introducing Zendesk, the customer experience is now more seamless – customer intelligence, dialogue and communication channels are now united. This is a major step towards service excellence,” continues Wireless Logic’s Matthew Tate.

Putting customers firmly at the centre of the organisation, further investment is being made across ‘SIMPro’, Wireless Logic’s SIM management platform now used by over 95% of its 1000+ solution provider customers.

“With ambitious sales targets across the next three years, ensuring our own store is in order has been a major driver as we progress through our first year with Wireless Logic’s new Private Equity partners CVC Capital Partners on board,” concludes Matthew Tate. “As Europe’s leading M2M managed services provider, the clue is in the name… We have service front of mind in the operation which will mean more contented customers, an entirely better user journey, and an ability to continue our growth curve with assurance.”

Oliver Tucker, CEO and Co-founder, Wireless Logic said: “With the M2M/IoT market in its ascendancy, the sector has to tailor its services to be more responsive and flexible. Our own experiences across the UK and throughout our country offices in Europe suggest that customers expect a ‘right first time, every time’ mind-set; there is little room for error. We are pleased with progress made so far as we reshape the way we work with customers, and will continue to analyse feedback as we aim for excellence across the group.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine