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Voice Connect Ltd, based in Leicester, has launched an innovative new scheme to drive forward sales through dealer channels.

The company have recruited two new channel dealer managers – Geoff Bell and Peter Franklin to kick off the new initiative to boost channel sales and retain dealer partners.

Bell and Franklin both joined the company last month, Geoff had previously been working at Your Communications in Manchester and Peter has joined Voice Connect from Comino Connect.

The company has implemented is a Training Academy to support dealers and help them to sell three of Voice Connect’s products, Informer for Schools, Patient Partner and Lone Worker. The Training Academy is already fully booked for its first session, which takes place on 18th July. Fifteen dealers will attend Voice Connect’s premises in Leicester to get a detailed insight into the products, and their benefits and features.

Geoff Bell said : “We want to make a difference and make dealers aware we are here to support them. We want to be pro-active by offering support on customer visits, sales training and marketing information.”

Voice Connect want to develop the channel through recruiting standard telecomms dealers but they are also looking for companies in other sectors. They are keen to hear from companies in other sectors who sell to schools, universities, local authorities or doctor’s surgeries, and think they could also promote Voice Connect’s products through their established contacts.

As well as the financial incentive, and lead referrals for their own products and services, there are other benefits for Voice Connect’s dealer partners. The three products that are the focus of the scheme – Informer for Schools, Patient Partner and Lone Worker are established market leading technology and they will add value to channel partners existing products.

Informer for Schools has had a huge impact in education – helping schools to improve communication between teachers and parents in every respect as well as tackling truancy easily and cost effectively. Some schools have seen up to an 80% decrease in unauthorised absence since they started using the software, which sends out messages to parents throughout the day if their children do not turn up for school.

Patient Partner is technology aimed at making life easier for patients and staff at doctor’s surgeries. Patients can book, cancel or check the time of an appointment day or night with the software. The surgeries that are using Patient Partner have reported a massive increase in patient satisfaction, and a decrease in staff stress levels.

Lone Worker is one of the leading systems available for protecting vulnerable field based members of staff. The software allows workers to set a time that they expect to finish their job, and if the call is not de-activated at this time then an alarm is raised.

Geoff Bell says, “There has been a really positive response to the scheme so far. By making sure our dealers have all the support they need to sell Voice Connect’s products, it will make it easier for them to gain as much as possible from being one of our channel partners.”

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