Women are iPhone Obsessed!

As the buzz surrounding the launch of the new iPhone 6 builds to a fever pitch, research suggests that it is women rather than men who are the likely to be the most excited at the prospect of getting their hands on the new technology.

According to a survey by Daisy Group plc, which looked at how people engage with mobile technology, there is a clear gender divide with women proving to be more avid smartphone users than men in almost every respect.
Despite the new iPhone 6 having a range of new features that allow the user to track their speed, distance and elevation, one in five men never use their phone for anything other than making calls.

Whereas women are more likely than men to use a range of apps, such as for social networking, and to use their phone to get updates and comment on current affairs and entertainment.

They are also more likely to check their phones more regularly with, on average, one in six women (18%) checking their phones at least once every hour as opposed to one in eight men (13%) doing the same.

Kate O’Brien, Marketing Director for Daisy Group plc which commissioned the study said: “It seems that women are engaging with mobile technology more regularly and are using smartphones to keep tabs on everything that’s going on around them, whether it’s via Facebook or BBC News. Men, however, seem to use it for very specific purposes such as to check their emails or to keep tabs on their favourite sports team.”

The survey also revealed the perception is still that men are more gadget-mad than women. 40 per cent of the women asked stated that they believed men used their phones more often than women, whereas just 30 per cent of men said the same.

Just under half of men (44%) say they get annoyed with themselves for checking their phones so often whereas women, who spend more time on their phones, are less likely to think so (39%).

More than three quarters of British women (77%), believe that they used their phone through habit rather than for a specific reason.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine