Women in IT wish for Equal Pay and Recognition

A closing of the gender pay gap, more respect and more support is the wish list of women in IT according to a poll by womenintechnology.co.uk to mark five years since the career portal was created.

When asked what their ‘birthday wish’ for women in IT would be, the female technologists from womenintechnology’s network gave a range of answers but equal treatment and equal pay were the top requests, as well as more support from both employers and fellow employees.

One respondent said “[I wish] that people would assume [women in IT] have interesting, innovative and strategic thinking without them having to work so hard to constantly establish credibility”. Another said she wished that women would “support each other rather than compete.”

The needs of working mums were also addressed with calls for women to be openly recognised as doing a great job even if in part-time work, as well as for more workplace benefits options surrounding things like childcare. Other wishes were for more role models for women in IT, more women in senior IT positions and for women to trust their own skills and abilities more.

“As one respondent pointed out, it has been 40 years since the Equal Pay Act and although we’ve made progress we still haven’t closed the gender pay gap, so that’s definitely a big hope for the future” says Maggie Berry, Managing Director of womenintechnology.co.uk. “These results show that we still have a way to go until women are on a par with men in the IT world but what’s great is that these ‘wishes’ are realistic ones that are within our reach. Since womenintechnology was established five years ago women have made great advances in the sector. We’re looking forward to the next five years and what will happen next!”

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