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Woods Teams Up With Norton In New Utilities Offering

Channel Utilities is now offering partners the chance to gain more revenues from their customers. As the brain child of Clifford Norton and Danny Woods, the new energy company is raring to go.

Woods and Norton first met whilst working at Cable Telecom in the 90’s. Since, both parties have gone on to build separate successful Channel businesses. Commenting on their time at Cable, Woods said “As Sales Director, Cliff was my go-to guy for pretty much everything and really gave me the opportunity to excel.”

Woods went on to set up a few different telecoms companies and also spent some time at Fidelity Group from 2009. His latest venture, Woods Communications, started in 2013. He commented, “My business developed quickly and soon after its birth, energy was added to its portfolio of services.”
Channel Utilities is building on this success and will extend its services exclusively to the Channel.

Woods continued, “In the Telecoms and IT sector, smaller SME customers could potentially be very large energy consumers. For example, a bakery may only use one phone line but be a large consumer of gas. Other larger customer’s, like a call centre, may have 100+ seats but only use a small amount of electricity for lighting and IT infrastructure. It’s something that Channel Utilities has taken notice of and is proud to provide a cost effective solution for.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine