Workers irritated by pointless meetings

Nine out of ten (92%) of UK workers are irritated by meetings at work, with 68% saying that pointless meetings create a negative experience, according to the research from workplace utilisation specialists Cloudbooking.

The Employee Evolution report, which examines the attitudes of 1,000 UK employees towards the workplace, found that 41% say not being able to get a meeting room creates a negative workplace experience. Whereas other bugbears when it comes to meetings at work included:

•Colleagues who have not prepared for the meeting (32%)
•Meetings that run on too long (27%)
•Colleagues turning up late ( 21%)
•Lack of meeting agenda (20%)
•People distracted by their laptops or phones (16%)
•Men are twice as likely to get annoyed about lack of meeting room booking procedures than women

“Despite obvious frustrations, meetings are here to stay. However, the technology exists today to make organising and running them a pain-free and almost invisible process,” explains Gerry Brennan, CEO of Cloudbooking. “Meeting room solutions are now as slick as ordering an Uber, and should operate intuitively in the background helping to create a positive experience while allowing employees to focus on the job at hand.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine