‘WorkSnug Pro’ app for mobile community launched

WorkSnug and Plantronics have launched WorkSnug Pro, the newest version of WorkSnug’s augmented reality iPhone app to help the mobile workforce locate the best places to work in major cities across the globe. Originally available in five of the world’s largest cities, WorkSnug Pro now covers more than a dozen cities and crucially, the community of mobile workers can write and submit their own reviews for any mobile workspace across the globe.

WorkSnug’s team of reviewers has been busy pounding the streets, working nomadically, accessing mobile workspaces and uncovering the best. WorkSnug Pro now covers the following cities: London, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden and Brighton.

The app is now open to the community of global nomadic workers. WorkSnug are inviting them to support their fellow workers by reviewing their favourite (or not so favourite) cafés, coffee shops, libraries, co-working centres and other working spots in their local area. Users can simply sign up at WorkSnug.com and begin reviewing, with new reviews appearing on the web and in the app within one day.

WorkSnug focus group research and user feedback since launch has revealed that noise is the biggest single barrier to productive mobile work in cities. WorkSnug Pro features the addition of the Plantronics Decibel Meter. Users can now take accurate noise readings in any WorkSnug workspace and send it into the central database. By doing this, WorkSnug are building up a noise-level history to guide workspace decision-making, enabling other WorkSnug users to pick an ideal location that best meets their noise preference.

The app employs augmented reality, enabling users to hold up their iPhone and view their surroundings, as well as pop-up information that points to the nearest and best potential workspaces. Along with workspace reviews, WorkSnug Pro provides details on WiFi connectivity, power provisions, community feel, noise level, and even the quality of the coffee.

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