Worn out the T-Shirt

Kevin Kivlochan, Sales and Marketing Director at reseller ONI Plc says that having started ONI in March 1992 he has seen year on year growth and has already taken the company through two ‘credit crunches’ before – namely the collapse of the market after Y2K and then the .com bust.

“Interestingly in both of these times ONI’s growth rate increased significantly. I have deliberated over this effect before trying to understand why this happened and my conclusion to this has been that ONI has a core offering that helps our customers drive at increased business efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Perhaps in the ‘good times’ our customers have been able to count the profits over a few glasses of champagne and therefore less keen to hear what we offer. Now however we are seeing that our customers are facing new challenges to their own businesses and in turn are coming to companies such as ONI for assistance.

Commenting on the call management market Kivlochan says, “Essentially we use a combination of a Softex Billing package, marketing leading propositions from BT Retail and a Telecoms audit to enable our clients to cut fixed and mobile telecoms costs without sacrificing quality. ONI customers such as Mitsui Corporation, Housing 21, Alliance Pharmacy, Insight Investments, VT Group, Charles Stanley & Co and Barbon, to name but a few, are already benefiting from implementing Soft-ex Optimiser and reviewing our audit findings.

We have performed many audits that have highlighted some significant annual savings for our customers, as an example we found one client who had moved premises and was paying for a forwarding service, since that they had moved again and were then forwarding the forwarded calls again, effectively paying for two calls just to receive one. You can imagine the MD’s face when we explained that one!!”

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