Wrong Kind of Sun

Graham Chick, Chief Executive at GemaTech says last Thursday’s power outage in Soho, London, once again highlights the UK’s inability to cope in a crisis situation.

“Many regional offices and local businesses, including the headquarters of VNU Business Publications, lacked adequate arrangements for alternative external communications.

Thankfully, some companies had the sense to send their employees home. But, I wonder how many of those employees were enabled to work remotely; and therefore how much business was lost due to the inability to make and receive customer telephone calls?

With voice communication underpinning every aspect of business, from receiving customer orders to chasing unpaid bills, organisations must consider a solution that can link flexible workers to the workplace by re-routing all inbound calls to any desired location.

Today’s technologies enable employees to be monitored and managed remotely through seamlessly linked voice and data communications as though they were in one central place of work.

It is certainly time to adopt smarter working strategies and home working can be the ultimate panacea in many circumstances. In this increasingly edgy economy, no organisation can afford a glitch in service – whatever the cause.”

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