x-Mobility signs Voxism with AppVNO service

x-Mobility has signed a new deal with Voxsim, the global communications company that provides communication solutions to international travellers.

The service, which is due to launch in the summer, will complement Voxsim’s existing SIM offering to its international clients. The new AppVNO service, powered by x-Mobility, will allow global travellers to make and receive international calls and texts over their new Voxsim app, and provide them with local numbers.

For Voxsim, the AppVNO will complement their existing SIM-based offering, but unlike SIM cards the AppVNO will provide ongoing revenues through the subscription to the virtual numbers the travellers will use.

“We wanted to offer more choice to our customers,” said Hassan Mohammadi, Founder & CEO of Voxsim. “We already offer some of the best international roaming and data roaming solutions around, now thanks to x-Mobility’s excellence, proven experience and their disruptive approach to the market, we will be offering the best telecoms app solution for our international traveller customers.”

The AppVNO offering will allow Voxsim to develop a deeper and stronger relationship with their customers. The AppVNO will increase revenues through the virtual number subscription, while helping Voxsim achieve its vision of making global communications the same price wherever you are.

“International travellers have long purchased SIMs to help them make cheaper calls from their destination, but that solution is not always easy or convenient for the traveller,” said Shanks Kulam (pictured), Co-Founder of x-Mobility. “Our AppVNO service makes it much easier for travellers to use local numbers for their international destinations, and maintaining those meaningful contacts when back at home by continuing to subscribe to those local numbers, without incurring any roaming charges for the calling party or themselves.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine