XLN Telecom Survey Shows Customer Satisfaction Levels at an All-Time High

XLN Telecom has revealed the results of its annual customer service survey which show that more than two out of three customers surveyed would be willing to recommend XLN to another business – only 6% saying they would not.

Of the more than 700 small business customers surveyed by XLN Telecom, 72% said they are ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ to recommend XLN to other companies based on price, whilst 69% said they would be happy to recommend XLN based on the service they received.

Furthermore, the survey also found that across eight separate service related categories – including billing, credit control, provisioning of service and customer communications – an average of 86% of customers were satisfied with XLN in each area.

The results of the survey, which was conducted in December 2009, come at the end of a year in which XLN saw its customer base grow by over 25% to 125,000 small business customers.

Christian Nellemann, Group CEO of XLN Telecom, commented: “In an industry renowned for low customer satisfaction levels and high churn rates, we believe our customer satisfaction levels are creating a new benchmark in the independent telecoms sector. As a company, we deliberately don’t advertise on TV or use above-the-line advertising instead choosing to plough back potential marketing spend into lower product pricing, product innovation and customer service. We are therefore delighted to see our customer satisfaction scorings reach these levels. Word of mouth recommendations are always the most powerful form of marketing.”

In December, XLN launched its first mobile phone services which have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of UK small businesses, providing them with the lowest rate mobile phone packages on the market. In December 2009, XLN also announced that it had earned CarbonNeutral status, making it one of the first businesses in its sector to achieve this level.

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