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Xpress Yourself Says Jabra

With the introduction of Jabra Xpress IT Managers can now remotely deploy, update and manage devices from one location via a web-based interface. Jabra Xpress is a standard feature when purchasing Jabra headsets. Unlike previous methods of deploying headsets, which involved a user or IT professional manually installing software onto each computer, Jabra enables mass deployments of software or individual settings from a central location. Jabra Xpress integrates seamlessly with Microsoft standards, therefore creating less of a headache for the end-user IT team because it leverages the strength of the Microsoft platform.

The benefits of using Jabra Xpress:

•Remote deployment saves time
Jabra Xpress eliminates time consuming, manual deployment of headsets. Studies show that an IT professional can manually deploy no more than 50 headsets a day. For a company with 1,000 users, this translates into an 8-days deployment process. With Jabra Xpress, that company can remotely deploy the same 1,000 headsets in half a day.

•Unlimited deployment of many devices at once
Whether it is 50 headsets or 5,000, Jabra Xpress allows IT departments to remotely deploy a virtually unlimited number of devices at one time. Jabra Xpress is based on standard Microsoft technology, (MSI/WMI) and compatible with all leading deployment systems, including Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

•Easily adds new features and functionality
With Jabra Xpress, IT departments can remotely add new and future features and functionality to their users’ headsets. IT professionals can easily deploy Value Packs, which add new product features, or Service Packs, which enhance existing features. Customers receive both free of charge.

As recently announced, Jabra has proudly been selected a finalist for the Microsoft 2013 Communication Partner of the Year Award due to its commitment to Microsoft Lync, including creating a portfolio of optimised audio devices specifically for Microsoft Lync. Jabra Xpress helps IT professionals address end-point management and configuration with a solution that saves IT professionals’ time and money and integrates with standard Microsoft Technologies
Jabra Business Solutions UK & Ireland Managing Director, Andrew Doyle, sees great prospects for future collaborations with Microsoft on innovative unified communication solutions that will greatly benefit Jabra’s customers. He stated:

“We are dedicated to the development of industry-leading and innovative solutions that make flexible working easier than ever before with a range of products that lead in comfort, sound and durability and we feel that Jabra Xpress is a good example of this commitment. With Jabra Xpress we now offer headset mass deployment software on a platform that integrates seamlessly into the corporate IT infrastructure”

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