Xrio Cuts the Cost of High Quality Video Conferencing with UBM solution

Xrio says that video conferencing is set to become the new business critical application thanks to the introduction of their new Unified Bandwidth Management (UBM) devices. Using a UBM device, video conferencing quality is, the vendor says, greatly increased without the need to use high cost internet connections such as leased lines.

Xrio Unified Bandwidth Management devices enable users to connect independent ADSL broadband connections instead of a leased line to their network, to deliver the same or higher bandwidth while making a significant financial saving.

Shelley Garbutt-Wilson, Sales Director at Xrio said: “When video conferencing was originally launched it was hailed as the new way to do business. There would be no more need for travelling and everything could still be done face to face. The reality has unfortunately been very different. Unless the business has paid for high capacity Internet connectivity, picture quality is generally poor.

She continued: “Using a UBM device from Xrio opens up the possibilities of video conferencing to even the smallest companies. By simply connecting either existing or new lines of two or more ADSL circuits they can greatly increase the capacity available for video communications, they can even use UBM to allow these sensitive applications such as video to be prioritised across the network. We are now working with our channel partners to deliver UBM out of the box to companies of all sizes and make video working a reality”

Companies using UBM devices on their network also gain additional benefits including greater network resilience for standard data traffic in the event that one of the ADSL lines fails and improved quality and capacity for VoIP communications.

For larger organisations the Xrio UBM devices can be used to bond higher capacity Internet connectivity, including leased lines, to improve network performance and resilience.

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