Xrio Launch New Virtualised Version of Bandwidth Manager

Xrio Ltd, the UK based manufacturer of world leading bonding and load balancing solutions, today announced it has expanded its UBM product range with the launch of UBMv (Unified Bandwidth Management virtualised).

This new range of Virtual Appliance’s for the customer premise (CPE) has been designed to complement their highly successful and widely deployed UBM classic, UBMi and V-Bond products. This new range of virtualised software now completes Xrio’s portfolio of virtualised appliances.

The new Xrio UBMv software platform is designed to cater for all business needs from Branch Office to Data Centre and all budgets from SOHO to Enterprise whilst delivering high end Unified Bandwidth Management features including IP link bonding, load balancing, policy routing, WAN failover, traffic shaping and much more.

The UBMv range is compatible with most common virtualisation platforms through the use of Open Virtual Format (OVF) including VMWare ESX/ESXi, VMware Server, Citrix Xen server and Microsoft Hyper-V. This provides flexibility as to how customers wish to deploy, as well as the associated cost savings of a scalable, flexible software platform. The entire range of UBMv products can be downloaded via Xrio’s Website (www.xrio.com) so customers can take advantage of the Xrio UBM platform within minutes.

Danny Waite, CTO and Head of Research and Development at Xrio commented, “With many organisations now moving towards virtualised solutions for numerous reasons including, reduced costs, reduced energy consumption and reduced management overhead, the UBMv is an ideal fit. Running hardware equipment can lead to high power usage and hosting costs dependant on the number of appliances that operate both simultaneously and continuously. As a virtualisation solution, UBMv enables customers to provide IP circuit bonding amongst other functionality whilst making use of existing infrastructure, reducing the hardware footprint.”

Waite continued, “Within this new release of firmware available to the entire product range are two new cutting edge features. Firstly our Dynamic Bonding algorithm which adapts to network conditions such as bandwidth fluctuation and packet loss in real time, ensuring maximum throughput is always achieved.

Secondly we have introduced site to site data compression that provides significant data reduction for traffic flowing out of the network effectively multiplying bandwidth many times, hence allowing customers to get much more value from their bandwidth and budget.”
Xrio products and applications are available to the channel via their strategic distribution and ISP partners who provide a value add service for resellers for pre and post sales support.

The addition of UBMv provides Xrio resellers with further recurring sales and margin opportunities as capital purchase is not required with the UBMv being provided on an annual subscription based model. Likewise resellers will be able to help their customers take advantage of a quicker and easier upgrade path. UBMv is fully scalable so if users need more capacity they can simply upgrade their license to enable more connectivity options.

Danny Waite concludes, “With businesses around the globe aiming to reduce cost whilst reducing their demand on the environment and moving towards virtualised appliances, it was paramount Xrio UBM provided this virtualised option for the customer premises, building on the success of our datacenter virtual appliances. Our UBMv range caters for every budget whilst at the same time providing a greener more sustainable solution to the market. This, when coupled with the latest cutting edge features, provides an outstanding flexible, scalable appliance for channel partners and their customers which is very cost effectively indeed.

The team at Xrio has worked tirelessly to ensure the new features are the very best of breed and so far we have witnessed outstanding and unrivalled performance results.”

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