Yahoo! dominates mobile download times for April

Keynote Systems Mobile Performance Index April 2009 shows that Yahoo! continued its good work in the mobile space with the shortest download time for the second month in a row, once again keeping Google at bay.

Yahoo’s mobile site downloaded in 3.66 seconds compared to Google’s 3.93 seconds. Facebook rounded the top three with a download time of 4.47 seconds, although all of the mobile sites made a significant improvement in performance compared to last month.

Google made up for its blip in download time by having the highest availability amongst all mobile sites. Its mobile site had an average availability of 98.8% compared to Facebook which came in last with 93.51% availability, according to the report.

Eurosports seemed to be making progress on mobile becoming the second most reliable mobile site and also had the fastest download speed of 3,619 bytes/second, said Nisheeth Mohan, product manager for mobile at Keynote Systems. He said it was the only site to have a download speed greater than 3,000 bytes/second.

Mohan added: “Web sites are making considerable progress on mobile, showing improvements across a number of categories. However, it is the overall end user experience that is critical for a mobile site to succeed and sites cannot afford to have low download time, but poor availability or vice versa. It is vital that both are taken into consideration when designing and maintaining any website, mobile or otherwise.”

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