Yealink Aids EU Discussion

The latest video-conferencing technology has been employed to help illuminate key issues raised by the European Union referendum debate to movers and shakers in the UK and Russia.

Property investment management and advisory firm, Realia Capital Group, invited Stanley Johnson, father of former London mayor Boris, to speak to high net worth individuals living in London and Moscow.

Mr Johnson, himself a former MEP, used Yealink’s VC120 video-conferencing unit located at Realia’s London office when speaking to guests and delegates at the Radisson Royal Hotel in the Russian capital.

Gleb Borukhov, Investment Director at Realia Capital Group said the technology proved invaluable in enabling a trans-European dialogue on what is one of the most important issues facing the UK, Europe and the wider world.

“The Yealink unit proved invaluable, providing a high quality and glitch-free communication link between speakers and delegates in London and Moscow.,” he said.

The event, titled Brexit: Myth or Reality saw Mr Johnson’s keynote speech offering his unique insight into the prospects and potential consequences of Britain exiting the EU following the June 23 referendum.

As well as being a Conservative MEP between 1979-1984, for over a decade Mr Johnson was also head of the European Commission’s Prevention of Pollution division and an advisor on energy and the environment.

His pro-EU stance is backed by his son and current Minster for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson, as well as daughter Rachel Johnson, a prominent journalist and broadcaster. Their views are tempered by Boris’s enthusiastic support for the Brexit campaign.

The Yealink unit combines a full HD camera featuring up to 18 times optical zoom with a 360 degree pick-up three microphone array which can be augmented by two expansion microphones to expand range to up to five metres.

To maximise transmission quality, the plug and play VC120 also incorporates technology which dynamically adapts bandwidth to eliminate or minimise buffering.

Yealink UK’s general manager Steve Watts said he was delighted that the company’s video-conferencing technology had enabled cross-border expression of arguments in support of both the In and Out campaigns.

“It’s heartening that Yealink technology has helped illuminate arguments which are so often surrounded by political fog,” he said. “This event has amply demonstrated how communication technologies can bring people together, wherever they are in the world, to enjoy debate which promotes understanding of the issues at hand, be they political or corporate.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine