You can bank on Trust.

Trust Distribution’s first major incentive scheme kicks off with the New Year. ‘Trust Fund’ will reward Trust customers on all spend with the distributor. Typical of their down to earth approach to business, the Trust scheme is no nonsense, rewarding dealers with the universally appealing outcome… hard cash!

In the words of Joint MD Vincent Leahy; “Dealer incentive schemes often have more twists and caveats than you can mention, generally with far more non beneficiaries than winners. So we wanted a scheme where everyone wins.”

Trust will redeem by cheque or credit to your account. But, for once there’s a positive catch! Before asking for the cheque, it’s worth considering Trust’s Double Bubble. If you choose to transfer your fund to your trade account to spend on stock, its value will automatically double.

Leahy believes simple is best. “Any ongoing dealer scheme should involve minimal dealer effort, and simply purchasing from Trust is all the effort involved for Trust Fund. There are no product restrictions for fund accumulation, so you can just register to the scheme and start to earn. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

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