Yuza Mobile launches augmented reality for iPhone

Yuza Mobile, a UK-based mobile technology provider, has launched SKAN Private Label, for iPhone.

SKAN – Private Label, is an augmented reality (AR)engine which gives brands a fast, flexible and much more affordable route to having a blazing presence in the augmented reality app market.

Yuza’s service combines a powerful, state of the art (AR) engine with a full content management system allowing dynamic content, and brand discovery. The application can be fully customised for each brand, with modular options such as location-tagging and image recognition available.

Richard Skaife, CEO at Yuza Mobile said: “With the SKAN – Private Label service so many possibilities for so many diverse brands are opened up. Take festivals for example; you’ve got the tickets, so you download the app and head to the gig. With AR you take a look through your iPhone to find the best place to park, locate the stages you want to visit, see what time each act is performing, find the nearest cash machine and check virtual message boards.

“We take it a step further, for example, with our image recognition module you SKAN the poster of the band you’ve just fallen in love with and get links to their music on iTunes, their Youtube videos and their Twitter feed. It’s all possible with our SKAN platform, it really will change the way we interact with the brands (and of course,
bands) we love… and the ones we have yet to find!”

Yuza Mobile is due to name its first clients for SKAN later in January, but in the coming months a teaser of what’s to come on SKAN – Private Label: A global luxury hotel brand; UK and European festivals; premier shopping destinations; an über-cool guide book series; and a leading Ibiza dance music brand are all set to launch it.

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