Zen Internet launches 3G Failsafe

Zen Internet has now launched 3G Failsafe for its IP VPN solution. Zen’s 3G Failsafe for its IP VPN solution provides large enterprise class resilience for broadband IP VPN circuits at small business prices, a secondary network path is provided over a mobile data connection at a fixed monthly charge which removes elements of both technical and commercial risk.

The service is fully managed with pro-active mobile signal strength monitoring, all traffic using the service remains on a private network and never traverses the public internet. The service is ideal for small branch offices that are part of a large corporate IP VPN, but where the cost of a traditional resilient solution using a leased line cannot be justified.

The service is priced according to the number of sites requiring 3G Failsafe, following a survey to ascertain the likelihood of receiving an indoor signal and any necessary steps required to boost the signal strength, the IP VPN design team will develop a custom commercial proposition.

‘Zen’s 3G Failsafe for its IP VPN solution is seamless, secure and cost effective and is for organisations that rely on Next Generation Networks for the transfer of business critical data between remote branch offices and centralised applications, said Stephen Warburton, Sales Director.
Zen’s IP VPN solution streamlines the costs and complexity of managing business applications across Wide Area Networks. It provides secure, high-speed links between offices, between companies and customers or Partners or between offices and remote employees. Zen’s IP VPN service enables a wider range of companies to take advantage of cloud-based applications and converged voice, video and data networks.

‘Zen’s IP VPN solution enables the convergence of voice, video and data into one easy to manage multi-service network helping to reduce the total cost of ownership. It also provides our customers with the confidence to deploy new applications safe in the knowledge that their Wide Area Network will be specifically designed to support the service.’ added Warburton.

Zen has also recently launched new lower priced Fibre and Phone packages. These packages are now a lower priced option for those customers wanting even faster speeds. With a choice of “up to 38Mbps” or “up to “76Mbps” download speeds, these packages come with truly unlimited usage (subject to product options) and significantly reduced installation costs. All Zen’s Fibre and Phone packages are available on a 12 month contract – one of the shortest contracts available in the market.
Zen’s Fibre and Phone packages are suitable for both residential and business customers and are supported by a highly robust and resilient network and award winning UK based technical support and customer service.

Zen is able to offer these highly competitive priced packages to customers by continually investing in major developments of its next generation network. An initial investment of over £3.5m has been made in its core infrastructure to build a network of local exchange Points of Presence (PoPs). Zen’s 200 PoPs plus another 270 exchange locations will enable it to provide services to at least 6 million UK premises.

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